Image of a Rock Star by Eat – Artwork by Jasper Morley

Here is one of my pieces ‘Nerves of Paint’ chosen by the band Eat as an image for their download of their excellent track ‘Image of a rockstar’. click on the link below and have a listen.

Image of a Rock Star

by Eat

image by Jasper Morley


Kissing Ghosts



‘Kissing Ghosts’ – 2017 The painting in this series (lower centre) made it off the easel and into a frame. It’s about 4′ x 3′ The image ties up with a poem I wrote by the same name and a doodle I drew several years ago. The first line of the poem is, ‘you gave to me’ but I don’t remember the first line of the drawing

Young Arthur


The first image is the original painting which was on board 4′ x 3′ and painted with acrylics. (mostly cheap tester pots from Wilko’s). The rest are made using the photo of the original and reworking it on the computer. Working this way enables me to generate lots of variations that lend themselves to print. I have been working this way for a few months now and if the painting works well I keep it, otherwise, I paint over it ready for the next one. This character is a younger version of an even larger painting, 5′ x 4′ that I have hung in the stairwell of the block of flats I live in. Arthur the elder and larger arose spontaneously. He is not King Arthur as far as I know.

Nerves of Paint




Not that long ago I went through a rough patch of anxiety and one of the only forms of relief from it was painting. I got a 4′ x 5′ board and put it on the floor and went to town with cheat squeezie bottles of paint, scrapers and whatever came to hand. A face emerged and I refined it (to a degree). I moved on to other paintings and in an impulsive moment destroyed face painting. To be honest it spooked me. I did take photos of it and that was that. But recently I saw interesting qualities in the work and I came up with the title ‘Nerves of Paint’. Subsequently I enhanced the qualities I was drawn to by manipulating the image on the computer. Here are some of the prints that  resulted.