‘Five Uneasy Pieces’



I’m not selling out

I’m selling up

I’m not begging

I’m just holding a cup


I’m not selling out

I’m getting out

Out of here like a swallow

Before I get frozen to the railings

Torn off and

Stuck in some nutter’s bird pie

And swallowed whole


My metaphysio took off

In a cloud of cosmic dust

No leaves or stones

Left here to turn

Blown away with a boom and bust


Up the Downs


I make myself laugh

I make myself cry

I make myself a cup of tea

And ask myself why?


Why all the ups and downs?

Why not an even keel?

I bring the cup to my lips

It’s just the way I feel


I open up my heart

I open up my mind

I open up the morning post

To see what I can find


I pick myself up

I put myself down

I make my bed and lie on it

Still in my dressing gown


I make myself dizzy

I make myself sick

I make myself a slice of toast

A wedge with both ends thick


I pull myself together

I drive myself mad

I finish off my cup of tea

The best I’ve ever had


I splash water on my face

And wash my well-etched frown

I set out at a steady pace

Up the chalky down



True Colours


I’m seeing red

Feeling blue

Jealous green

Over you


Not in the pink

Yellow bellied

Just sitting here

Getting wellied





So many of our leaders

Turned out to be misleaders

We were led a merry dance

Whilst they riffled through the pockets of our coats

The ones we checked in

To their cloak and dagger rooms

Coats and jackets we paid them to look after

And once they were done

And hand them back to us

An oddly smug smile pertaining to courtesy

Puts you at your unease


Then they hold out their hands

Expecting a gratuity

And when you find you have no money

They look at you with distain

And when you ask for help; some money for your bus fare home

They pour scorn on you

And call you a scrounger


Led misled

Born and bread



The example by which they lead

Is self-interest fuelled by greed

And pass judgement on you

And on your need


Greed and lust

Boom and bust

But not for them

Who stole your trust

For a bit of fizz

With the upper crust


You manage to get home safely

The next day

You take a walk along the high street

Looking for a new jacket


Wholesalers, ‘Know your place’

And the fashion outlet of ‘Conformity’

Offer you ten choices of the uniforms of uniformity

From their ‘I’m an individual’, autumn selection

Alternatively, there are tailors of ‘Privilege and Nepotism and sons’

But they won’t let you through the door

They suggest their seconds outlet of ‘Count yourself lucky’

Where you are blinded by low prices

Nothing quite fits but you buy it anyway


And afterwards

You pop into the ‘Dissolution and Disappointment Arms’ for a pint of bitterness

And try to forget about your embarrassment and gullibility



I Don’t Want


I don’t want to trouble you

But your BMW

Is parked on my toe


My baby’s got me all wrapped up

In chain stores

Like there’s no place else to go


I hope you know that you’ve got to carry round all that stuff

Shrink wrapped lifestyle sausages

And a concrete powder puff

That’s why I’m walking away

Before you make me pay


On your back

And in your belly

To your head

Straight from your telly


Lancashire hotpot flavoured edible undies

All you can eat for under a fiver

You name it and we’ll frame it

You want it and we’ll claim it

You have access to excess

Thy thingdom has come