‘Life Lines’

‘Life Lines’ – 2017 – drawing on paper


This is a follow up drawing to the one in my previous post, ‘Mind Map 57’. In that piece I drew around my hand as I worked down the page. In younger days I visited the Pech Merle caves in France and I was struck with a feeling of connection I had to the sprayed pigment impression of a hand. Making hand prints is a simple act. Children’s hand-prints are often a cherished memento of  their early life. So I included it in the first drawing. When I finished the first drawing I decided to do another drawing less aimed at creating an overall textured surface made up of intricate drawing and use a large recognisable shape. I chose to do a large drawing of my hand. My eldest daughter Nellie has almost identical lines on her palm as me which I found pleasing too. I wanted to have a ground tone/colour to draw on so I stained the paper with tea. I have included a couple of images of the drawing in progress as they have an interesting quality of their own.