Young Arthur


The first image is the original painting which was on board 4′ x 3′ and painted with acrylics. (mostly cheap tester pots from Wilko’s). The rest are made using the photo of the original and reworking it on the computer. Working this way enables me to generate lots of variations that lend themselves to print. I have been working this way for a few months now and if the painting works well I keep it, otherwise, I paint over it ready for the next one. This character is a younger version of an even larger painting, 5′ x 4′ that I have hung in the stairwell of the block of flats I live in. Arthur the elder and larger arose spontaneously. He is not King Arthur as far as I know.


6 thoughts on “Young Arthur

  1. Bella

    I really enjoy the sense of play you have with this image. When I see work such as this, it makes me wish I weren’t so old school. There is so much more which can be done with the aid of a computer. May I ask how you came by the geometric shapes for the infill design; is it a totally random thing or do you start with a vocabulary?

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    1. jasper morley Post author

      Hi Bella, with this painting I started by painting shapes and areas and chose to work mainly in blue and orange. As you suggested, I did draw from motifs I have used in the past, namely waves, eye/leaf shapes, circles, columns and so on. I painted them in a random arrangement and kept adding variations of shape and colour until all of the formal elements were balanced. I then worked on top with the image I had in mind, incorporating parts of the under painting. All good fun really. I will post a couple of ‘in progress’ pics; hopefully, it will help make sense of my explanation. Thanks so much for your question and encouragement.

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    1. jasper morley Post author

      Thank you, Micheal. I have found playing around with my images on the computer has produced new elements that I have fed back into my painting. At this point, I feel if I start from my own drawing or painting and end up drawing and painting, my connection to the real world will survive. Thanks again for the positive feedback,



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